Crop-CO2 Correlator

Check-out the Open Source Code for Crop-CO2 Corrrelator Here!


📝 Description

Crop-CO2 correlator is a map-based web application that allows joint visualisation of agricultural parcels (crops) and air quality metrics (CO2) in a given location. Furthermore, it automatically generates several graphs that address the statistical results obtained when correlating both metrics.

🏆 Value Proposition

Currently, markets such as the spanish market allow companies to plant forests to obtain permits for CO2 emissions of equivalent magnitude. At SALTED, we have considered the possibility of adding crop plantations to the equation, rather than relying solely on forests. This application aims to provide a large-scale study that proves CO2 emissions compensated by forests are of the same order as those compensated by several kinds of crops.

🎯 End User Frontend

The user can interact with the application in several ways. Aside from a login page that the application provider may choose to activate, there is a main screen where all the controls are located. Most of it is covered by an interactive map, where the user can zoom in and out, pan, and hover over the represented polygons to read tooltips. On the left hand side, there are four buttons that allow the user to hide or display certain information (CO2, all crops, or individual crops) on the map or have a look at the interactive graphs.

Map Graph

📧 Contact

This application was co-developed by Amper and Universidad de Cantabria (contact).


The most simple and effective way of installing the application is by using the provided Dockerfile. Before installing it, however, you may want to adapt the application to your particular needs. You can do that by modifying the .env configuration file. Next you can run the command (it may take several minutes to build, do not panic):

docker build -t <image-name> .

You can choose the image name freely. Finally, you can just run a docker container:

docker run -p <port>:80 <image-name>

In this case, you can choose the port freely. Congratulations, the application is up and running!


This work was supported by the European Commission CEF Programme by means of the project SALTED ‘‘Situation-Aware Linked heTerogeneous Enriched Data’’ under the Action Number 2020-EU-IA-0274.


This material is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 whose full text may be found at the LICENSE file.

It mainly makes use of the following libraries and frameworks (dependencies of dependencies have been omitted):

Library / Framework Licence
apexcharts MIT
core-js MIT
vue MIT
vue-router MIT
vue2-leaflet MIT