Situation-Aware Linked heterogeneous Enriched Data

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The key objective of SALTED is to add value to existing datasets and data-streams by enriching them through the application of the principles of linked-data, semantics and Artificial Intelligence. These datasets and data-streams come from heterogenous data sources such as Internet of Things (IoT) deployments, Open Data Portals and Social Media, and are harmonized towards a standard information model, i.e. NGSI-LD, targeting the so-essential interoperability.

The Data Enrichment Toolchain (DET) architecture designed and developed comprises different microservices that, on the whole, address the challenges presented along the achievement of the main goal of the project. The principal microservices are:
data discovery, i.e., the ability to discover and request the collection of sets and streams of data;
data formatting, i.e., the transformation of raw data into well-formed and structured sets of data accordingly to data models described in terms of NGSI-LD;
data curation, i.e., the identification (and potential correction) of data that do not reflect the expected quality (outliers, errors in values and the like);
data linkage, i.e., the ability to relate different datasets accordingly to a well established definition of relationships;
data enrichment, i.e., the ability to understand and frame the data structures according to situations and contexts and the definition of functions that exploit this contextualization.

SALTED Architecture

SALTED Architecture

The SALTED architecture is based on a Context Broker federated setup and DETs. This architecture implementation highly encourages that every DET injects data into its local Context Broker, which is connected, among others, with the so-called Federator Broker. This setup allows users to make their requests to a single central broker, which is able to forward these queries to the corresponding local brokers that have relevant data for those requests.

The Context Brokers used in this project correspond to the FIWARE Generic Enabler Scorpio context-broker, which guarantees full compatibility with the NGSI-LD API. Furthermore, the data enrichment outcomes are published in the European Data Portal, for which a connector between the SALTED architecture and this platform has been developed.

The main results derived from the project can be divided in three phases: harmonization of existing heterogenous data sources (increasing interoperability), enrichment of the harmonized data (enhancing data quality) and publishing of the enriched data in the European Data Portal (improving discoverability). Thereby, SALTED contributes to the stimulation of data usage and the acceleration of the data economy in Europe.

Latest News in SALTED!

December 20, 2023
D4: Situation-aware Application creation for Smart-City and Smart Agriculture

The WP4 handles the development of applications leveraging the SALTED architecturedeveloped and implemented within the previous work packages. The development ofapplications can hereby follow either a bottom-up or top-down approach. Depending on theapproach used, WP4 tasks include e.g. the selection of data sources, the derivation ofrequirements for the SALTED Data Injection Toolchain (DIT) / Data […]

November 9, 2023
Last General Assembly Meeting in Santander

During the last two days we have had one of the latest meetings of the SALTED project before it is officially finished. However, SALTED is only a beginning, and while the project is officially coming to an end, interesting synergies have emerged that will allow us to develop future technologies based on the results of […]

November 6, 2023
SALTED Enriched Datasets are available in the EDP!

The Open Data paradigm aims to make data available to everyone, without restrictions of copyright, patents or other control mechanisms. The European Data Portal (EDP) is one of the key pillars of Open Data evolution, offering a central portal for the discovery and publication of data within the European Union. At SALTED, we are delighted […]

November 2, 2023
D3.2: Report on publication of linked and enriched data streams to the European Data Portal

This document, developed by the SALTED project, represents the D3.2 deliverable on the publication of linked and enriched data streams to the European Data Portal. The focus of this document is the description of the last step of the Scorpio Context Broker – CKAN connector regarding the publication of datasets into the EDP. Furthermore, D3.2 […]

October 27, 2023
SALTED in the Dagstuhl-Seminar 23432 - Edge-AI: Identifying Key Enablers in Edge Intelligence

SALTED has been present in one of the latest seminars organized by Schloss Dagstuhl, a presitigous institute to foster world-class research in computer science by facilitating the communication and interaction between researchers. Our colleague, Dr. Gurkan Solmaz from NEC Laboratories, presented a talk during the Dagstuhl-Seminar 23432 "Edge-AI: Identifying Key Enablers in Edge Intelligence". This […]

October 23, 2023
Data Enrichment Toolchain: A Data Linking and Enrichment Platform for Heterogeneous Data

A new paper has been published, featuring the Data Enrichment Toolchain (DET), the system design behind the harmonization and enrichment of highly heterogeneous data sources in SALTED. More details about this paper can be found in the IEEE Access repository; while we reproduce the abstract below. Abstract: Proliferation of data sources associated to Internet of […]

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