The University of Cantabria hosted the first face-to-face General Assembly meeting for SALTED project in Santander within the first week of May.

In this meeting, mainly technical, the whole team from SALTED was able to participate and meet in Santander for the first time. Thanks to the fruitful discussions held during these days, the working group from SALTED manage to define and finalise the architecture, including its components and interfaces, which will be delivered as part of the project goals, and will lay the foundations for the enriched and linked SALTED data provision.

During the next weeks, the results of such discussions will be part of the first deliverable from SALTED, and will be included in this web, so stay tuned!

SALTED project has been featured in the website of the University of Cantabria, in which Luis Sánchez, project coordinator, review and explain the main goals of the initiative.

The article (in spanish language), emphasises on the importance of data compilation, homogeneization, contextualization and data enrichment, to enhance the possibilities that data can offer, leveraging the outcomes of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.

It is about of metadata provision, enhancing the datasets with the information that contextualize them: such as sensor types, their quality or the time interval in which the data is offered…

Luis Sánchez

The Situation-Aware Linked heterogeneous Enriched Data (SALTED) project started with the first meeting among all its partners with the kick-off meeting where the basis of the work for the next months were set.

SALTED kick-off meeting!

During the following two years, SALTED will focus on the data enrichment following the principles of linked-data, semantics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). To this end, the project consortium will rely on existing open components, such as the FIWARE Generic Enabler Scorpio context broker, to not only enable the data enrichment, but to predict anomalies and understand the situation in a real-time basis.

Besides, it is foreseen the development of innovative services in two domains, including Smart Cities and Smart Agriculture, fostering the opportunities for stakeholders to participate taking advantage of enriched linked data.

There is still a challenging work ahead in the data world, so stay tuned to our webpage as we will be sharing our advances!