New Smart Data Models contribution: Extending DataServiceDCAT-AP and Introducing DataServiceRun

Published: June 13, 2023
Smart Data Models - Extending DataServiceDCAT-AP and DataServiceRun

Aligned with the Agenda Analytics use case of the SALTED Project, the development and employment of data services is practically a must when talking about the collection and processing of data stored on the Internet.

Services such as web crawlers or data linkers can be represented by the DataServiceDCAT-AP Smart Data Model, following the principles of linked data, in addition to being fully compliant with the DCAT-AP specification. However, in the project context, certain attributes have been identified for describing these services that were not included in this data model, and thus not included in the DCAT-AP specification.

On the other hand, due to the traceability requirement described in SALTED, it has become essential to describe the different instances of execution of these data services, in order to specify their inputs, configuration parameters and final outputs, among other properties. This evolves into a new data model called DataServiceRun.

Putting these two needs together, our partner Kybeidos has taken these opportunities to extend the DataServiceDCAT-AP data model with these new properties and to contribute to the initiative with the new DataServiceRun model. Both actions will allow the use of the subject that contains them to be more widespread. Moreover, aligned with the agile standardization philosophy of the initiative, they will have higher chances to be submitted to the original standardization group (DCAT-AP) for their adoption.

Both the new data model for DataServiceRun and the extension for the DataServiceDCAT-AP data model can be found in the official Smart Data Models repository: DCAT-AP.