CEF SALTED talk on “AI for Smart Cities”

Published: August 25, 2023
AI for Smart Cities

Dr. Gürkan Solmaz from CEF SALTED has been invited as a keynote speaker by the AI Educational Initiative (AIEI) in Heidelberg, Germany on July 8,2023.  AIEI is a recently formed community to educate broader society on the AI. The keynote lecture was in general about the AI and its applications to the smart cities. Specifically, the lecture focused on the data enrichment through machine learning for the development of the concept “City Liveability Index (CLI)” in CEF SALTED to make cities smarter and more livable.

The public lecture started with a brief AI overview and followed by the smart city projects and specifically the AI for data enrichment for the smart city data and the SALTED smart city application CLI. The lecture ended with the open challenges of application of AI in smart cities or in general public spaces in the near future.

The keynote talk is followed by a panel discussion with lively exchanges between the audience and Dr. Gürkan Solmaz, joined by Dr. Ana Victoria Ponce Bobadilla, Dr. Jude Alsabah, and Dr. Magdalena Szczygiel.

AIEI salted event Heidelberg

About the AI Educational Initiative (from :

AI Educational Initiative was launched in 2023 to educate broader society about the chances but also risks associated with implementing AI into many areas of our lives. We hope to "de-hype" AI, preach online hygiene, calm down those afraid of mass job losses but alert those believing that AI will solve all our problems.