SALTED Enriched Datasets are available in the EDP!

Published: November 6, 2023
SALTED datasets in EDP

The Open Data paradigm aims to make data available to everyone, without restrictions of copyright, patents or other control mechanisms. The European Data Portal (EDP) is one of the key pillars of Open Data evolution, offering a central portal for the discovery and publication of data within the European Union.

At SALTED, we are delighted to contribute to this approach by publishing our data into the EDP. To this end, we have deployed our own data portal, which provides access to the data generated during the course of the project. Thanks to this portal, the EDP is able to consume our data, promoting its visibility and enabling its usage, thus facilitating the development of innovative services and groundbreaking research.

If you want to check out the types of data that we've been writing about in previous posts, now is finally your time to do so! They are readily available here, as well as in our section inside the EDP.