Last General Assembly Meeting in Santander

Published: November 9, 2023
SALTED group picture in Santander

During the last two days we have had one of the latest meetings of the SALTED project before it is officially finished. However, SALTED is only a beginning, and while the project is officially coming to an end, interesting synergies have emerged that will allow us to develop future technologies based on the results of the work carried out during the project lifeime. Thus, new collaborations are for sure envisioned in the future, so stay tuned!

The meeting was held at the Universidad de Cantabria premises, in the beautiful city of Spain, and during the last two days, we have established the final touches to the project before its completion. In particular, the work on the different applications that are taking advantage of the DET platform, is about to be released, including real innovative solutions in different areas, including Smart Agriculture, Smart Cities and Risk analysis. In the forthcoming weeks we will be releasing an online working demo of all of them, so anyone will be able to taste what they have to offer.