D1.1: Report on semantic features extraction for heterogeneous datasources contextualization

Published: January 2, 2023
SALTED D1 deliverable

This document represents the D1.1 deliverable of the semantic features extraction for heterogeneous data sources contextualization. The focus of this document is to give an introduction to different data sources used in SALTED as well as smart data models for converting into the NGSI-LD architecture. Furthermore, D1.1 defines the injection chains of different sources and their contributions to the SALTED architecture with a few possible use cases.

This document has a twofold goal: on one side, it is intended for internal use in order to drive the design and implementation of subsequent phases of the DET (i.e. data linking and enrichment toolchain) or application use cases for the project or internally to the partner organizations; on the other hand, it is publicly available in order to increase the awareness of the SALTED activities, its relation with the FIWARE ecosystem and it points to the important issue of the data treatment and consolidation for interoperable applications and domains.

The deliverable can be found in the publications and resources section of the webpage.