SALTED in the FIWARE Global Summit 2023

Published: June 26, 2023

FIWARE Global Summit 2023, the grand annual event organised by the FIWARE Foundation, took place on June 12 and 13 in Vienna. Some of the SALTED team partners attended the event and had the opportunity to promote the project.

SALTED was present in the "Strategic FIWARE programs, Services and Products" session. A 10 minute slot allowed for a presentation of the project and its relation to the Smart Data Models initiative. As we have covered in previous articles, SALTED has a close relationship with the FIWARE ecosystem and Smart Data Models in particular, as the project adopts several models and has contributed to the initiative with five extensions and additions.

The attendees were able to learn about the philosophy and goals of the SALTED project, with an emphasis on the harmonisation of heterogeneous data sources. Additionally, the speaker explained our contributions to the initiative and linked them to the use cases of the project, which will derive in the applications that are currently in development.

You can see the slides below: