Scorpio Context Broker becomes part of Amazon Web Services' Smart Territories Framework

Published: September 1, 2022

NGSI-LD Scorpio Context Broker has become part of Amazon Web Services, as one of the selected components of their Smart Territory Framework (STF). STF provides a set of tools intented to implement solutions based on the FIWARE ecosystem components. More precisely, thanks to the inclusion of Scorpio, the provision of context information following the NGSI-LD standard from the European Telecommunications Standardization Institute (ETSI), is guaranteed.

Developed by our partner NEC Laboratories Europe, Scorpio Context Broker is the first FIWARE component which is fully compliant with the NGSI-LD specification v1.3.1, enabling near-real-time information from different data sources, including Internet of Things objects.

Ernö Kovacs, Senior Manager of Data Ecosystems and Standards at NEC Laboratories Europe, said, “Using Scorpio Broker  with an advanced cloud solution like AWS STF, you can build smart services that link different IoT devices and services in very little time, while ensuring semantic interoperability with other devices. Whether it’s a neighborhood connected by IoT devices or a farm optimizing crop yields – the building blocks and the data models remain the same. Scorpio Broker is already being used to advance smart solutions in different regions of the world.”

The Scorpio Context Broker is one of the core components of the SALTED architecture, working as a broker between the apps and the different Data Toolchain Componets from SALTED, providing enriched and linked data.

Scorpio in STF from AWS

More information about the inclusion of Scorpio Context Broker as part of the STF from AWS can be found here.