SALTED GitHub repository

Published: August 31, 2023

It goes without saying that one of the key pillars of any project is the code behind the abstract definitions and architectures, and SALTED is no exception. One of our contributions is the release of open source code intended to facilitate future development, both for ourselves and for any interested third party.

Github SALTED Cover

The SALTED GitHub repository is our chosen place for hosting the code developed within the project, and although the bulk of it will be released a few months from now, we are happy to announce that the repository is already full steam ahead.

Currently, the repository includes some forks related to our Smart Data Models contributions (such as the extensions and updates to DataServiceDCAT-AP and AgriParcel data models; or the creation of the new Organization and Data Quality Smart Data Models), a compendium of NGSI-LD wrapped contexts that enable automation of M2M information exchange with an NGSI-LD Context Broker. Besides, it also hosts two Python packages that streamline communication among the modules that compose SALTED's architecture.

Stay tuned!